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Simplify the hiring process

Find candidates who meet all the requirements of your job through our search.

Save up to 90% of time on phone calls and social media responses by filtering candidates by experience, type of service, desired salary, age, family situation, and more specific details such as the possibility of relocation, need for housing, and even if they have pets.

Post your jobs unlimitedly and manage candidates within our platform. We also help you analyze candidate profiles automatically.

Our form is dynamically filled out, using artificial intelligence to generate a less tiresome and interactive registration. We also periodically analyze new registrations to ensure the trustworthiness of our database.

Comprehensive features

We go far beyond a precise database

Unlike all other competitors who only provide basic information about interested parties, our platform delivers various differentiators, always seeking to optimize time and resources:

  • Evaluate the performance of your recruitment campaign with detailed reports on views, applications, and hires
  • Integrated advertising system with Facebook and Google to promote your jobs (at no additional cost)
  • Track and control the status of each candidate, from the first view to the final hiring
  • Shorten communication time by sending messages, requesting contact, and knowing the best time to call
  • Send disinterest or impossibility of hiring notice
  • Marker system for internal candidate control
  • Easy job management (pause, restart, delete, view candidates)
  • Efficient unified support with notification system via Chat
  • Free trial with no need to enter credit card information
  • And various other features

All features available on our platform are optional. Recruiters or responsible persons have complete freedom to use the features that best fit their work process.

Evolve with the market

Major Japanese companies are investing in technology to stay competitive in the market.

Today, all major technology companies in Japan already operate on a technology-based management model. Gradually, companies from other sectors are adapting to these needs. Companies that refuse to evolve with the market, maintaining outdated methodologies, are losing space and many are closing their operations.

Using new technologies to optimize, streamline, and adapt your companys hiring model is the healthiest way to ensure commercial stability in the human resources outsourcing market, reducing hiring costs and optimizing the time window to fill open positions.

Evolve with the market

Shigoto.me is part of the prestigious Google for Startups, an initiative by Google that recognizes and supports promising startups worldwide. This program provides us with a state-of-the-art infrastructure funded and hosted by Google itself, putting our business at the forefront of technology and innovation.

Being part of this program demonstrates not only the potential of our business but also the international recognition of our vision and the impact of our service on society.

In addition, as program participants, we have access to a series of other exclusive benefits that help us grow and evolve as a company. Google for Startups provides us with numerous learning resources, training, and specialized technical support, as well as privileged connections with other innovators and market leaders in the global ecosystem.

We are a Startup

We will make an effort to try to explain the difference in our platform with some competitors that offer job opportunities for foreigners, but no platform today offers our range of services.

Comparison of Shigoto.me for people looking for a job:

Shigoto.me Competitor
Creation of a personalized profile
No need to fill out another form with more data
Use the same registration to apply for various positions
Post-application follow-up
Complete search system
Interactive map search
Display of related jobs

Our platform optimizes registration data, generates markers and indicators, among other automations, displaying relevant information about the candidate according to the job, using the data from a complete form that the candidate can fill out in just 3 minutes. We offer tools to increase recruiter productivity, aiming for a better experience in the recruitment process.

Comparison of Shigoto.me for companies and recruiters:

Shigoto.me Free Shigoto.me Basic Shigoto.me Intermediate Shigoto.me Pro Competitor
Job postings 3 jobs Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 12/24/36 jobs Charged per job 10 jobs
Tool to manage candidates
Tool to assist in candidate analysis
Detailed candidate report
Detailed job report
Free paid advertising
Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Ads
Boost job
Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Ads
Automatic hiring tracking
Candidate search
Create personalized searches
Add candidate profiles to favorites
Compliance with the Specific Commercial Transactions Law
Compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law
Price FREE ¥30.000/月 ¥50.000/月 ¥80.000/月 ¥120.000〜/月 ¥20˜40.000/月
*per job

The purpose of the comparison is to demonstrate that our platform is much more than a space to post jobs. We have created a complete tool that will help you in your hiring and change the way you distribute your time in this task.

Contractual Freedom

No minimum stay clause, difficulty in termination, or abusive clauses!

You can cancel your subscription at any time and also subscribe again whenever you want.

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